mandag 13. august 2012

How is the world? I'm currently enjoying my last week of summer break. It's finally more than 18*c here and my summer feelings are comming back after spending a couple of days in northern Norway (it felt like it could start to snow). Anyway, here are some photos I took back in Germany earlier this summer. Bought the top for a bargain at Urban Outfitters in Berlin.

mandag 6. august 2012

Please just love me

Dad's all gone

Shortsen min har en merkelig lys flekk på seg, vel - de skal i alle fall blekes et par toner lysere. Dagens obsession er norske motebloggere, himmelblå, skjorter, og bein. Pappa er borte og jeg stjeler skjortene hans (og en turtleneck..).

søndag 5. februar 2012

I recommend everybody to listen to the song below, it's so beautiful!

Anyway, after adding my blog url to loobook I have gotten a few pageviews so I guess I should write something here, but what? It's so dark and cold here and I just want to do nothing. School, eat, sleep. Norway in winter isn't a pleasure for anybody. Especially not if you don't like skiing and live in the middle of nowhere. On saturday it was too cold for me to walk the 1 km to my busstop to get to the gym! Looking at all this gorgeous spring fashion in stores and on fashon blogs makes me so excited for warmer temperatures, I want to wear my shorts and dresses again!